Track your period with style

MeLady was created for you - the modern day lady!

Keep track of your period, ovulation and fertility days with just a few taps.

Always have your data with you – stored in the cloud, it syncs across your devices.

Track your period!

Adjusts to your personal cycle length
Set reminders
Check when your period is coming
Use handy charts and statistics
Track 25+ symptoms
Understand your mood swings

Trying to get pregnant?

Take notes of intimacy
Use ovulation predictions to increase chance of pregnancy
Know when your fertility window is
weight and body temp
Share data via email

And even more...

Daily horoscope
Personalize your MeLady app with stylish free themes!
Moon phases calendar
Discreet icon & notifications
Protect with password
Sync and backup

Or to avoid pregnancy?

Never forget your pill or decrease chance of pregnancy naturally
Set pill reminder.
Check fertility window
See ovulation charts

Keeps things in order which makes my life a lot simpler.”

I was never prepared,
but now I am. <3”

An easy and convenient calendar for any woman that likes to keep track of everything.”